David Hildebrandt, percussion

Ejnar Kanding, live electronics

Micromorph deals with the microscopic change, a gradual change from one state to something else. Sometimes occur significant sudden changes in contrast to the continuous. The work is in two main parts (27 min. respectively 24 min.), which can be played attacca or with a break in between. Lillevan (b. 1965) has created a synchronized video for the piece.

Another project with David Hildebrandt as soloist is Zyklus. The mandatory content is the works:

Karlheinz Stockhausen (1928-2007): Zyklus (1959)

David Hildebrandt (1976): Percussione (2013)

Ejnar Kanding (1965): Sette Venti (2009, 2012)

Duration: 43 min.

The two projects may include works by other estimated composers, as far as it makes sense as a musical whole. As a concert organizer you are welcome to propose different pieces to be added to this program. We are very positive to add new repertoire, world premieres etc. to this project. Please contact us for collaboration about this matter.