Autobiographical Statement

First time I talked to Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen was in the early Summer 1996 then I was preparing my debut concert from The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, which took place in October 1996. He was driving the Autobahn on his way from Switzerland to Denmark. He substituted Anna Klett from the Figura ensemble, that was the ensemble who performed the six works in my debut concert project. It included four performances Århus, Odense, Royal Danish Academy of Music (Copenhagen) and the Studio 2 in the DR (Danish national broadcasting corporation), the concert is released in the live CD: “unsägliche Stelle” (1997, KECD1, see discography).

Fritz went to South America, Colombia, during the winter; and we met again in January and decided to start an ensemble, that got its first performance March 15, 1997. Hereby ensemble Contemporánea was founded.