* Still actual

* Zauberlehrling 2020

Concordia Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria) 2017

Kulturmødet (cultural conference) 2015

* Sette Venti 2015

Kulturmødet (cultural conference) 2014
Contemporánea was special ensemble-in-residence at Kulturmødet 2014, performed six concerts within 48 hours, curator: Ejnar Kanding (for ten concerts at the platform for Music of today).

* The Shadow 2013
A retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale from 1847Based on H. C. Andersen’s fairytale ”The Shadow” from 1847, this school performance is for children in 4th-7th grade. It is focusing on identity in a modern mediaworld and it is retold and dramatically staged as a music and visual performance. Clarinet and bassclarinet is in the mainrole surrounded by the text, electronic sounds and projections on a screen. Live classical music is being challenged by contemporary rhythms, while the story unfolds.

Auxiliary Blue 2:0
2013 Co-compositions by Frank Bretschneider & Ejnar Kanding
CD release at Dacapo CD 8.226540

Flug der Farben
(flight of colours) 2011 Music by Ejnar Kanding composed 1998-2010
CD (stereo&5.1 surround) at KECD4

Rhythmical Séance 2010 <br>featuring Christian Martínez, solo percussion<br> Works by Per Nørgård, Ivar Frounberg & Ejnar Kanding<br> CD release at CM01

Echoes of Dreamless Fragments
2009 Music by Mogens Christensen
CD release at Dacapo CD 8.226521

* Auxiliary Blue
2007 A project that was built around a collaboration with electronica composer Frank Bretschneider (DE). In March 2007 Contemporánea presented a remix Bretshneider did of the orchestral work Vergeuder der Schmerzen (1995) with the title: Difficult Shapes & Passive Rhythms. In 2008 the Wundergrund festival commissioned a piece for Contemporánea as a co-composition by Bretschneider and Kanding, the 38 minutes composition was performed in November 2008 in Copenhagen and Berlin by Contemporánea. In 2011 Bretschneider and Kanding composed the percussion solo piece A Different Kind of Tension in close collaboration with percussionist David Hildebrandt. These three works, that shows the unique collaboration between two different musical traditions, was released at a concert Lille VEGA in Copenhagen February 28, 2012 with the Berlin based video artist Lillevan performing live video.

Interactive Art 2005-2008
The main focus for this three year project was exploration of interaction between live music performance and live performed video. The video artist was Anders Elberling with whom Contemporánea had worked with on a regular basis since 2002. Thanks to Bikubenfonden for a three year working grant. This project was the basis for important activities the coming years such as the CD releases of Auxiliary Blue, Flug der Farben and Echoes of Dreamless Fragments and the recording of Time & the Bell by Ivar Frounberg at the CD Rhytmical Séance.

The breakthrough 2001-2003
These years Contemporánea was invited to perform at several important international festivals in ICMC 2001, Cuba; Ultima 2001, Oslo; ISCM 2002, Hong Kong; Magma 2002, Berlin; Up North 2002, Dublin; Up North 2003 (Copenhagen & Malmö) and Interactive performance series 2003, New York City.

Skyggernes by (city of the shadows) 2001
During 1997-98 Contemporánea toured several times in South American countries, Colombia, Venezuela, Argentina, Chile and Bolivia. We had the pleasure to perform a lot of new Danish pieces and to supervise a lot of composers and musicians through workshops at universities and conservatories. We invited Martin Moore (Buenos Aires) in 1999 to Denmark performing concerts with us and in 2001 we invited Rodolfo Acosta (Bogota) as guest composer for out project City of the Shadows. We regard this audio-visual project as a culmination of the South American years of Contemporánea.

Happy in Dorado City 1998-99
“Happy in Dorado City” is a music theater performance (1998-99) by Wolfgang Häntsch, in which the motto was: “The human existential bankruptcy in the shadow of the metropolis”. Performanes in Switzerland (1998) and in Germany (1999). Three works by Ejnar Kanding grew out of this project: Ciudad de las Sombras (bass clarinet), Metrópoli (percussion) and Sepilcro Movible (bass clarinet & percussion).

Drømmespor i natten (dream footprints in the night) 1998
A music theater performance by Martin Tulinius with music by Fuzzy: Ferrocarril de la Noche (1998), Berio: Sequenza III (1966), Gubaidulina: Ein Engel (1994), Frounberg: Drømmespor (1997) and Xenakis: Psappha (1975).

Portrait concert series 1999-2000
A series of five concerts where an entire program is dedicated to a single composer. The framework around the concerts explored the idea of performing contemporary music in a cafe/bar venue under the motto: a cup of beer or a glass of wine. Jens Hørsving, Ejnar Kanding, Ivar Frounberg, Anders Brødsgaard was portrayed, the third one in the series were dedicated to portray the ensemble with five solo pieces.

Five times on tour in South America 1997-2000
Concerts in Colombia (Bogota and Cali), Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and Bolivia and workshops with composers and instrumentalists in Universidad Javeriana, Universidad de los Andes, Bolivian National Conservatory, Universidad Simón Bolívar.