Contemporánra with its artistic leader Ejnar Kanding collaborates with a wide range of international ensembles, festivals, and institutions, where live electronics is playing an important role.

Jack Quartet: Obscure Transparence

Transit: Mosaico

Adapter: Stillstehen

Mosaik: Texture

Zoë & Kanding: Revue Z

Fellay & Kanding: A sensual journey

A Danish-Swiss collaboration. The composing drummer Christoph Fellay, and composer Ejnar Kanding improvise the entire music A Sensual Journey in the 47 minutes concert for realtime-processing, and acoustic drums.

Reynolds, Andersen & Kanding: Dark Violet
A Danish-American collaboration. Accordionist/Composer Frode Andersen, Composer/Sound Artist, Ejnar Kanding, and Digital Violinist/Composer, Todd Reynolds, come together through association with Artist Suzanne Bocanegra’s piece, ReRememberer, to begin their own collaboration in concert at Austin, TX’s very own Fusebox Festival.

Suzanne Bocanegra: ReRememberer

Jexper Holmen, Frode Andersen, Ejnar Kanding

The Contact Microphone Ensemble
Jexper Holmen, Frode Andersen, Ejnar Kanding

Ars Nova, Malmö, Sweden

Copenhagen Art Ensemble: Sonus Nubes