The ensemble Contemporánea is founded by Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen and Ejnar Kanding in 1997. It is a flexible base of musicians and visual artists who perform in various fixed formations, which can, however, be modified to meet necessary needs in the constant flow of projects.


Nes Lerpa,


Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen,

musician representative, founding member

Ejnar Kanding,

artistic director, founding member



Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen, clarinets

David Hildebrandt, percussion

Jesper Egelund, electric (upright) bass

Ejnar Kanding, keyboard, MaxMSP

Simon Janssen (Hamburg), video

The Swiss Face

George Vassilev (CH), guitars

Irina Kalina Goudeva (CH), double bass

Christophe Fellay (CH), drums

Ejnar Kanding, MaxMSP

The American Face

Todd Reynolds (New York), violin

Frode Andersen, accordion

Ejnar Kanding, MaxMSP

Lillevan (Berlin), video

The Old

Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen, clarinets

Christian Martinez, percussion

Helianne Blais, violin

Irina Kalina Goudeva, double bass

Ejnar Kanding, MaxMSP