Ejnar Kanding (1965): Tableau I-IX (2013)

This concert presents clarinetist Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen as soloist. The mandatory content is the work Tableau 1-9 (2013, 29 min.) by Ejnar Kanding – nine characters, which is connected to a series of paintings and sculptures by Nes Lerpa. These are normally presented at the concert as a video.

The concert may include works by other estimated composers, as far as it makes sense as a musical whole. Examples:

Fuzzy (1939, DK): Midnatsluskeren (2014)

Wayne Siegel (1953, LA): Jackdaw (1995)

Luciano Berio (1925-2003): Sequenza IXa (1980)

As a concert organizer you are welcome to propose different pieces. We are very positive to add new repertoire, world premieres etc. to this project. Please contact us for collaboration about this matter.