Contemporánea is specialized in performing music for instruments and computer, i.e. a live electronics ensemble. It is founded in 1997 by Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen and Ejnar Kanding. The ensemble is a flexible base of musicians and visual artists who perform in various fixed formations, which can, however, be modified to meet necessary needs in the constant flow of projects.

Besides extensive concert activities in Denmark, the ensemble has frequently been on tour and has played concerts worldwide. The ensemble has performed at festivals such as the International Computer Music Conference, ULTIMA festival, Nordic Music Days, International Society for Contemporary Music, MAGMA, Up North and the Interactive Arts Performance Series at New York University.

An important feature of the ensemble is the composer portrait series, where an entire program is dedicated to a single composer, which gives the audience a rare opportunity to discover several aspects of the musical world of one composer. So far, composers Ejnar Kanding, Ivar Frounberg, Anders Brødsgaard, Jens Hørsving, Morten Skovgaard Danielsen, Mogens Christensen and Deqing Wen have been portrayed.

Nes Lerpa, president
Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen, musician representative, founding member
Ejnar Kanding, artistic director