Zaffre Project

At the center of Zaffre Project is kaleidoscopic soundscapes, dark drones and big beats and melodic lines in the borderland between the acoustic and the electronic, the gloomy Gothic and the absolute intimate, the symphonic and the chamber music – all illustrated with Lillevans visuals. Between the improvised and the composed, Zaffre Project creates both music and visuals on site, and creates magnificent epic tales in music and images..

Zaffre Project is an international project, with members from all over the world. Zaffre Project has so far performed in Austin, Texas and Copenhagen, Denmark. Future projects planned in USA, Berlin, Belgium and China.

Todd Reynolds (US), violin & live electronics
Frode Andersen (DK), accordion & live electronics
Ejnar Kanding (DK) , sound & live electronics
Lillevan (G), visuals

Live at Fusebox, April 2014, Austin, Texas, USA :

Live at G(o)ng Tomorrow, Koncertkirken, Copenhagen, October 2015:


About the members

Todd Reynolds is an American violinist, composer, and conductor well known for his work with amplified violin and electronics. A student of Jascha Heifetz and former principal of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra, Reynolds entered into the contemporary music scene in New York as a member of Bang on a Can and Steve Reich and Musicians. Reynolds co-founded the string quartet Ethel as an attempt to take a classical ensemble format into the technological age by collaborating with a series of avant-garde and experimental composers, musicians, and artists to expand the string quartet repertoire to include electronic and interactive works.

Reynolds’ playing has been critically acclaimed both in his career as a repertoire violinist and as an improviser. He has collaborated and recorded with a wide range of artists, most notably Anthony Braxton, John Cale, Steve Coleman, Yo-Yo Ma, and Todd Rundgren. Reynolds produces and curates a number of events centered on his playing, including Nuove Uova and Still Life With Microphone, both featuring long-term collaborators of Reynolds such as Michael Lowenstern and R. Luke DuBois. Reynolds has been the recipient of a number of grants and awards for his work, including ASCAP awards and a 2003 Meet the Composer Commissioning Award.


Frode Andersen was born in Askøy, Bergen in Norway. He studied accordion at the Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark, with the legendary professor Mogens Ellegaard. As soloist and chamber musician, Frode has performed throughout Scandinavia, Europe and USA at major festivals like ULTIMA in Oslo, Norway, Bang on a Can Marathon in New York, Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in England, Roskilde Festival in Denmark a.o. His broad-based repertoire spans folk music and classical music to experimental improvisations with electronics. His great interest in contemporary music is reflected both in his concert activities and in his work as administrator, writer and organizer for numerous events and institutions on the Danish contemporary music scene. Frode Andersen first solo CD, ”trash” (2006) was nominated for a Danish Grammy Awards for ”best solo performance”. The same year, the Danish Composers Guild awarded him their Prize of Honour, for his collaboration with living composers. Since then, he has recorded numerous CDs for the Danish label Dacapo Records, as well as chamber music by Poul Ruders for the American label Bridge Records.

Frode Andersen was in 2011 appointed by the Ministry of Culture to the Music Committees for Classical Music under the Danish Arts Foundations, which grants composers, orchestras and ensembles financial support for commissioned works. In recent years, Frode Andersen has started composing. His music is often based on simple ideas or processes, but unfolds in complex and unpredictable ways.


Ejnar Kanding is internationally known for his uniquely colourful music, which unites electronic and acoustic sound in complex textures, physical energy and delicate simplicity. According to Kanding music should not embellish, but be a realm of fantasy. Like a hall of mirrors, his music is a journey into the ambiguous. A sensuous voyage to the unknown areas of inner life.

Kanding has specialized in composing music for computer and instruments. This has led to an extensive use of the software MaxMSP. Both in the process of developing his works and as an instrument in live performances. Despite this obsession his focus is never the electronic experiment, but always the musical expression, form and phrase.

Kanding’s music has been selected for prominent festivals such as International Computer Music Conference (2001, 2004, 2010), International Society for Contemporary Music (2002, 2008), Festival Synthése, Nordic Music Days, Up North, and Interactive Arts Performances Series at New York University.

Besides the Danish Arts Foundation’s three-year stipend and numerous work grants, Kanding has received commissions by international ensembles such as Osiris Trio (NL), Harry Sparnaay Trio (NL), Crash ensemble (IR), Cikada ensemble (NO), ensemble Ars Nova (SE), ensemble Adapter (DE), ensemble Mosaik (DE), Jack Quartet (NYC) and Transit ensemble (NYC), as well as the Danish ensembles Figura, Athelas, Alpha Trio, Copenhagen Art Ensemble and Messerkvartetten.

Ejnar Kanding was born in 1965 and studied composition and music theory at The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen followed by studies at IRCAM in Paris and in Jerusalem in 1994/95. He made his debut from the Academy in Copenhagen in 1996.


Lillevan is an animation, video and media artist.
He is perhaps best known as founding member of the visual / music group Rechenzentrum (1997-2008).
Lillevan has performed and collaborated with many artists from a wide array of genres, from opera to installation, from minimal electronic experimentalism to dance and classical music; performed and exhibited all over the globe, and at all the major media festivals.

After studying politics, film and film theory, writing scripts and being very active in the film & animation scene in the late eighties and early nineties, Lillevan grew disillusioned with the whole idea of re-telling same stories and the lack of adventure in the film world. He took a break from film and found himself running clubs in Berlin, excited by the influx of artists from Eastern Europe after the fall of the Berlin wall. Soon these new impulses, coupled with new and affordable technologies, pushed him back into the world of moving imagery, this time with a new perspective and motivation, deciding to make the moving imagery he found missing in the cinema, the art world and popular culture.

Selection of releases,
events and collaborations
Performances as Rechenzentrum and other projects all over the world, from Brazil to Siberia, Hong Kong to Canada, Korea to Cuba, Belgrade to Detroit:
– Awards & Nominations at many prestigious festivals
(Ars Electronica, Oberhausen Kurzfilmtage, etc)
– ‘Silence’ – DVD released in 2007
– Sound x Vision’ – Tokyo – DVD release
Installation in Tokyo & Osaka
– ‘Director’s Cut’ – DVD released Mille Plateaux in 2003
– Collaboration with Ueli Wiget (Ensemble Modern)
Music by Messiaen & George Benjamin
– ‘Emperor Remixed’ – Beethoven’s 5th Piano Concert,
reworked by Rechenzentrum
commissioned by
Goethe Institute for Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing
– Performances with Tetsuo Furudate in Berlin and Tokyo,
performing audiovisual versions of
– ‘Bioskop’ – Installation with Zeitblom at Tesla,
multiple projection exploring the conventions of early
cinema (1900-1917)
– Collaborations with Christian Fennesz
Berlin, Hong Kong, Canada
– Live Remix of Lettrist Maurice Lemaitre’s ‘Le film est déjà commencé?’ (1951)
Museum Ludwig,
Cologne &
Montréal Film Festival.
– ‘IBM’ – Extended CD, released by Rechenzentrum in 2001
nominated at Oberhausen Film Festival
– ‘Anchortronic DVD’ (Linz, Austria with Fennesz & Zeitblom)
– Artistic director for media for Expo2000 Video-Robot installation
commissioned by ZKM, Karlsruhe
– Performances with Vladislav Delay/Luomo
Opening Ceremony of Casa de Musica, Porto;
Transmediale, Berlin & others
– Performances with Tarwater, SchneiderTM, Pole, Static
all over Europe, Russia and USA