H. C. Andersen, The Shadow

In a world dominated by accelerating trends and social media,
it is important to strengthen children’s awareness of “Who you really are”

Supported by Danish Arts Foundation

3 min. English version
3 min. Chinese version
2 min. Danish version
3 min. Bulgarian version
3 min. Finnish version
3 min. Norwegian version
3 min. German version

3 min. Swedish version

Coming soon 🙂

Live classical music performed on clarinets is challenged by a laptop with intense beats and complex loops

The Shadow
A retelling of the Hans Christian Andersen fairytale from 1847Based on H. C. Andersen’s fairytale ”The Shadow” from 1847, this school performance is for children in 4th-7th grade. It is focusing on identity in a modern mediaworld and it is retold and dramatically staged as a music and visual performance. Clarinet and bassclarinet is in the mainrole surrounded by the text, electronic sounds and projections on a screen. Live classical music is being challenged by contemporary rhythms, while the story unfolds.
With this project Contemporánea wants to open the children’s eyes to the fact, that you in an interesting manner can tell important and complex stories in an artistic form.

Bass Clarinet/Performer Fritz Gerhard Berthelsen
Composer/Live Electronics Ejnar Kanding
Adaption/Film Niels Mikkelsen
Director/Design/Narration Mia Theil Have